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Cell Culture Matrix, "Honeycomb" Collagen Sponge: CSH-10


Cell Culture Matrix: 'Honeycomb' Collagen Sponge

The 'Honeycomb' collagen sponge has a structure in which uniform pores (250-400 μm) are arranged densely in one direction, into which cells can penetrate and proliferate. This structure facilitates the ready supply of nutrients to the cells inside the sponge, and releases metabolic wastes and biochemical products. Cells can proliferate and fill the lumen to form a uniform cell mass. The 'Honeycomb' collagen sponge is prepared from highly purified bovine dermal type I Atelocollagen and can be degraded by collagenase.

'Honeycomb' Collagen Sponge Photo

Product code Storage Product name Package
CSH-10 Room temperature Honeycomb collagen sponge
Size: 3 × 3 × 2 mm/sponge
Total surface area: about 2 cm²/mg
Weight per volume: 12∼13 mg/mL