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Lyophilization (Freeze-dried) Processing

Lyophilization (Freeze-dried) Processing of Cosmetics

We perform special lyophilization (Freeze-dried) processing necessary for two-component cosmetics that are re-dissolved in lyophilizing lotions, essence or milky lotions before use and contain collagen or other less stable ingredients.


Advantages of two-component cosmetics to be prepared berfore use

  • Ingredients that are unstable in solution can be safely formulated because they can be stored in a dry state.
  • The concentrations of preservatives can be minimized.
  • The method of preparation before use can impress users with its freshness.
  • The appearance and concept can be differentiated from previous cosmetics.

Stability of ascorbic acid after freeze-drying (FD)

A lotion containing ascorbic acid is freeze-dried and stored at room temperature, and the ascorbic acid content is measured. The ascorbic acid content immediately after freeze-drying is set as 100%, and the calculated ascorbic acid content was stable showing very little change.

Stability of ascorbic acid after freeze-drying (FD) image


Usage example

Usage example image


Help from product design

  • We can address a wide variety of formulation contents. We combine ingredients you like and suggest formulations suitable for lyophilization.
  • Please contact us about lots.
  • The lyophilizer to be used can be steam sterilized and sealed by nitrogen gas replacement.
  • It is manufactured in a clean environment.

Formulation example

For mulation Example