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KOKEN Endotracheal Intubation Training Model Edema Version LM-076 (with storage case) ※Made to Order


This is a training model for endotracheal intubation. It is possible to practice normal
endotracheal intubation practices, of course, as well as to re-create various kinds of edema.

KOKEN Endotracheal Intubation Training Model LM-076


Varied Combination -Three Kinds of Edema-

Each edema can be created by injecting air in each cuff, colored three
ways. It is possible to train variously by adjusting the amount of air to
be injected and varied edema to be combined.

Tongue-edema Posterior wall of larynx- edema
Color of cuff:Green Color of cuff: Blue Color of cuff: White
Tegmen laryx-
Posterior wall of larynx-edema


More Original Features

  • Possible to re-create the Cormack grade of 1-3.
  • Possible to change the sight of glottis by administrating BURP.



  • By using a specially developed silicone rubber, this model provides a very similar appearance and feeling to those of a living human body.
  • Trainees can practice using various apparatus such as laryngeal masks and EGTA, etc.*
  • Resistance to open the larynx and structure of oral cavity make it possible to train with reality feeling of a living human body.
  • Dilation of the stomach can be confirmed when air enters the esophagus.
  • Left and right respiratory sounds can be heard with a stethoscope.
  • A cautionary sound is generated when a laryngoscope places with excessive pressure on the front teeth.

* Since this model was developed specifically for endotracheal insertion training, some air leakage may occur during artificial respiration if using a bag mask or tubes instead of an endrotracheal tube.


Applicable New Standard EDD

Esophageal Detector Device (EDD). Can be applied.
EDD does not re-dilated when inserting a tube into esophagus.


Parts-set for Micrognathia / Head-tilt Distress

If you purchase this product separately, you can simulate the situations of “micrognathia” and “head-tilt distress” and increase the variations of training.

● Micrognathia

● Head-tilt distress

In order to make head-tilt distress, please insert the plate attached as the picture below.

Inserting the plate makes it impossible for the head to tilt and for head-tilt distress to happen.



Main bodyApprox.60(L) × 30(W) ×27(H)cmApprox.8kg
Storage caseApprox.64(L) × 36(W) × 36(H)cmApprox.6kg


LM-076P1Parts-set for micrognathia/head-tilt distress1set
LM-076P2Edema version optional parts set1set
LM-076P3Mouth part skin1