Contact Shell [non-sterile]


  1. Protects the eyeball from laser therapy around the eyelid.
  2. Being made of silicone, irritation to the eyeball is minimized.

Contact Shell Photo

  • Dimension

Contact Shell fig.

  • Sterilization Method: Autoclaving
Product No. Size (a × b) mm Packing
#2600 Large 19 × 25 2pcs/set
#2601 Small 17 × 23 2pcs/set

Precautions for use

  1. Avoid direct irradiation of Contact Shell
  2. Do not disinfect with a liquid disinfectant. The residue of disinfectant may damage the eyeball.
  3. Sterilization method: autoclaving

The product here prohibits the following acts.

  • Refrain from applying drug solution
  • Refrain from exposing Ultraviolet Ray for long time
  • Refrain from applying iodine antiseptics