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  1. This soft silicone retainer produces only slight irritation at the opening of the tracheostomy and tracheal mucosa.
  2. The retainer is designed not to penetrate to the full diameter of the trachea, so that the sensation of the presence of a foreign object is minimized.
  3. The patient’s neck can be easily turned around, bent and stretched.
  4. The small and inconspicuous retainer is suitable for keeping the opening of tracheotomy for a longtime.
  5. Respiratory or vocal training can be performed with use of the following attachments.
D(outer diameter)
7mm 9mm 11mm 13mm
L 8mm #3707-08
10mm #3707-10 #3709-10
12mm #3707-12 #3709-12 #3711-12 #3713-12
14mm #3707-14 #3709-14 #3711-14 #3713-14
16mm #3707-16 #3709-16 #3711-16 #3713-16
18mm #3707-18 #3709-18 #3711-18 #3713-18
20mm #3707-20 #3709-20 #3711-20 #3713-20
22mm #3707-22 #3709-22 #3711-22 #3713-22
24mm #3709-24 #3711-24 #3713-24
26mm #3709-26 #3711-26 #3713-26
28mm #3709-28 #3711-28 #3713-28
30mm #3711-30 #3713-30
32mm #3711-32 #3713-32


TRACHEAL STOMA RETAINER (RTN) Fig;Outer flange,Made of plastic,Inner flange,Made of silicone

How to use the scale Fig.:Tracheal opening site,Scale  Size Fig.:D(outer diameter),L

Insert the scale from the trachea opening site. Measure the length between the anterior wall and the skin surface.


How to select the right size:

  • Choose an outside diameter based on that of the cannula currently in use, and a length 2-3 mm longer that between the anterior wall of the trachea and the skin surface of the neck.
  • A simple tool to measure the length between the anterior wall of the trachea and the skin surface of the neck is available. Please contact KOKEN if such an item is required.

Precautions for use

  • Do not damage the product while picking with forceps. Product may be torn from the damaged part.
  • If damaged, please immediately switch to a new product.


Connectable Parts [sterile]

Connectable Parts Photo

  • Exclusive for Tracheal Stoma Retainer
  • Fit to any size of Retainer
Product No. Product Name Packing
#3791 RETAINER frame 1pc/bag
#3792N Airway cap 1pc/bag
#3792F Airway cap(for the frame) 1pc/bag
#3793N 15 joint 1pc/bag
#3793F 15 jpint(for the frame) 1pc/bag
#3794N One-way valve 1pc/bag
#3794F One-way valve(for the frame) 1pc/bag
#3795 Frame attachment 1pc/bag
#3796N O2 adaptor 1pc/bag
#3796F O2 adaptor(for the frame) 1pc/bag
#3797N One-way valve O2(for the frame) 1pc/bag
#3797F One-way valve O2(for the frame) 1pc/bag

Connectable Parts

RETAINER Main body and Connectable paets Fig.
Main body:To retain the patency in the site of tracheostomy,
Retainer frame,
Airway cap (for the frame):Respiration training,
One-way valve(for the frame):Vocalization traning,
15 joint(for the frame):Connection with respiratory management instruments,
Frame attachment:Fixation of RETAINER frame,
Airway cap:Respiration trainig,
Onr-way valve:Vocalization training,
15 joint:Connection with respiratory management instruments

  • RETAINER frame
    Is used when the main body of the retainer is likely to be dropped. Just like general tracheal cannula, a frame is fixed in the neck using cotton tape or other material. When a retainer frame is used, an airway cap, a 15 joint, a one-way valve, or a frame attachment is required.
  • Airway cap
    A cap to cover the site of a tracheostomy. When a retainer frame is fitted, the frame airway cap should be used.
  • 15 joint
    A connector with a diameter of 15 mm that fits to an artificial nose, Ambu bag, or respiratory circuit. When a retainer frame is fitted, the frame 15 joint should be used.
  • One-way valve
    A one-way valve for vocalization. The valve opens during inhalation and closes during exhalation. When a retainer frame is fitted, the frame one-way valve should be used.
  • Frame attachment
    Used to fix a retainer frame to the main body of the retainer. However, if an airway cap, 15 joint or one-way valve is in use, the retainer frame can be fixed to the retainer with any of them instead of the using the frame attachment.
  • O2 Adaptor
    An airway cap with O2 nozzle.
  • One-way Valve O2
    A one-way valve with O2 supply nozzle.

The product here prohibits the following acts.

  • Do not reuse
  • Refrain from applying iodine antiseptics
  • Refrain from exposing Ultraviolet Ray for long time