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Cosmetic Materials / Products list

Maintaining beautiful healthy skin from both a medical and a physiological standpoint, KOKEN pursues natural beauty in its purest form.

Natural Beauty in its Purest Form

As a pioneer in the field of collagen for medical applications, KOKEN has taken advantage of the unique properties of Atelocollagen in developing cosmetic materials.


List of Products

Classification Product group Source
Atelocollagen Shark Fin Atelocollagen Shark
Shark Fin Atelocollagen SS
Shark Fin Atelocollagen MS
Tilapia Atelocollagen H Tilapia
SOLUGE(Atelocollagen) Shark
Elastin Hydrolyzed elastin Bovine
Hydrolyzed alpha-elastin Bovine
Elasocean Tuna/Salmon
Mucin Marine Mucin Squid
Botanical Sacran Suizenjinori
Melon Koken Melon
LaFrance Koken La France
LaFrance Powder Koken La France
Cherry Koken Cherry
Cherry Powder Koken Cherry
Shonai Kaki Powder Koken Persimmon
Suika(Watermelon) Extract Obanazawa Watermelon
Pholitect Mushroom
Rice Extract Koken Rice
SHONAI BIJIN-Rice Fermented Extract(SAKE) Rice
Squeezed Rice Oil Rice Bran
Lyophilized (freeze-dried)
Mariblen Mask TP A5/A4 Tilapia
Mariblen Mask TP Fullface Tilapia
Mariblen Mask TP Eyelid Tilapia
Koken Perfect Aqua Gel Sheet Tilapia
Cubic Koken Aqua Gel Tilapia

Contract Processing

Lyophilized (freeze-dried) cosmetics

Lyophilized (freeze-dried) cosmetics

We perform special lyophilization processing necessary for two-component cosmetics that are re-dissolved in lyophilizing (Freeze-dried) lotions, essence or milky lotions before use and contain collagen or other less stable ingredients.