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Advanced Life Support Simulator Type Ⅱ -Save Man- LM-073

This product is not available in countries requiring CE mark.



With extremely realistic textures, this model enables practice of the sequence of events from life support measures at the scene to transportation to the hospital for training in advanced emergency treatment (specified actions).

Advanced Life Support Simulator Type Ⅱ -Save Man- LM-073



Airway obstruction

  • This model enables practice of tracheal intubation and use of a laryngeal mask, esophageal obturator airway and two-way tube with extremely realistic textures. This product is compatible with the following tube sizes.
    • Intubation tube: Size 7 to 8 • Laryngeal mask: Size 4
    • Combitube - Standard type (100 cc) • Laryngeal tube (red)
  • The structure of the model allows the airway to be occluded by tongue movement, and the airway can be secured by chin lift, jaw lift and head tilt methods.
  • Attach the valve to the esophagus part to check if the stomach is filled with air due to excessive pressure.

Right and left lung function

  • There is a bifurcation in the trachea to separate the left and right lungs so that unilateral intubation can be verified by swelling of the chest.
  • The right and left lungs are independent of one another, and the respiratory sounds in each can be checked separately with a stethoscope.

Arrhythmia Simulator

  • An arrhythmia simulator built into the main body of the model can be operated with an infrared remote control to perform training during transport or in an ambulance, similar to an actual patient. To minimize remote control malfunction, infrared light receivers can be connected in multiple places.
  • The model comes with a pad adapter for the different brands of semi-automatic defibrillators, enabling practice with a semi-automatic defibrillator using the pad adapter.
  • You can select from 15 kinds of electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms and 7 kinds of additional waveforms that can be added on top of the original waveform.
  • The stage of ECG heart rate can be selected with the remote control.
  • Premature contractions and other sudden waveforms can also be mixed in easily.
  • When sternal pressure is performed with a compression depth of over approximately 5 cm, the sternal pressure waveforms can be mixed in with the ECG.
  • The post-defibrillaton ECG waveforms can also be selected in advance to be used after defibrillation.
  • The power supply is a battery capable of about 10 hours of continuous use when fully charged.

Common carotid artery

  • The common carotid artery synchronized with the ECG waveform is palpable.


  • A unique structure enables checking the backflow of simulated blood during vein puncture.
  • Intravenous needles can be fixed in place in the arm with commercially available tape.



Main body1
Soft case (storage bag)1
Battery charger1
Arrythmia simulator1
Simulated blood (500ml)1
Lung bag (for right and left)1 each
Simulated foreign object1
Simulated rice cake1
Blood vessel tube (20pcs)1
Pad adapter *1

* Please specify the pad adapter when place an order.


SexAdult male
DimensionsApprox.175 x 60 x 25 cm
WeightApprox. 22 kg

Consumable Parts

LM-073RSkin for right arm (injection site)1
LM-073LSkin for left arm (injection site)1
LM-073BLung bag (2 pcs each for right and left)1
LM-051A2Blood vessel tube (20 pcs)1
LM-028DSimulated blood (500 ml)1
LMV-01Simulated foreign object (5 case)1
LM-073GBattery for remote control1
LM-073HBattery for main body1
LM-073ESimulated rice cake (2 pcs)1


Pad adapterNihon koden type ⅡEC-2212.2213LM-073K
Nihon koden AED typeAED-9100.9200LM-073P
LaerdalHeart start 3000LM-073N
Laerdal FR-2Heart start FR2.4000LM-073U
Physio first patch typeLife Pack 12ALM-073Q
Physio Quick ComboLife Pack 12A.LP500LM-073V
Soft case (green)LM-073F
Hard case (with caster)LM-051A3