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Advanced life Support Simulator Type Ⅲ -Save Man Advance- LM-085

This product is not available in countries requiring CE mark.



This is a training model for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, based on
the AHA ACLS Provider Course. The training model is inexpensive and using
results from previous courses - all necessary functions have been carefully
selected. The surface of the head, oral cavity-,and torso are made of silicone
rubber to give an authentic, skin like feel.

Advanced life Support Simulator Type Ⅲ -Save Man Advance- LM-085



Airway management

  • Endotracheal intubation, bag valve masks (BVM) ventilation, laryngeal masks, and combination tubes etc can all be used. Insertion via either the oropharynx airway or the nasopharynx airway is possible.

  • The fork of the trachea, - and both right and left lungs are structured, so that one-sided lung intubation can be checked by the swelling of the chest. The sound of respiration can also be checked at the lungs and directly on the collarbone and axilla by using a stethoscope.
  • An airway obstruction is the right-and-left lungs can be set up.(manual type)

  • With the valve on the esophagus, it is possible to determine whether the stomach is filled with air due to excessive pressure.


Fluid therapy route management

  • Both sides of the arm have a piece of hook and loop fasteners to which a fluid therapy tube can be attached.
    *Real injections can not be performed.


Defibrillation, electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring

  • Covers all irregular pulses and ECG waveforms, which are based on the AHA ACLS Provider Course.
  • The ECG waveform can be operated intuitively by remote control. The remote controller can be operated cordlessly. (Cordless operation requires a battery)
  • Sixteen kinds of ECG waveforms and 4 kinds of additional waveforms can be selected.
  • A pulse rate can be varied by stages, and a variety of combinations are possible.
  • A common carotid artery, which synchronizes with the ECG waveforms, is palpable, and common carotid artery can be stopped separately. (PEA and pulse has VT, and pulseless VT can be simulated)
  • ECG waveforms are convertible with actual defibrillation and transcutaneous pacing.-Setup of the threshold value of transcutaneous pacing can also be performed.
  • ECG waveforms of chest compression can be incorporated in to ECG waveforms when there is more than 4 cm of pressure depth of chest compression.
  • A standby ECG waveforms that is convenient for courses, such as ACLS, has been configured, and a function automatically performed by defibrillation etc. has been installed.   *In scenario function, a maximum of 20 waveforms per pattern can be stored in the memory.



SexAdult male
Main body (When Upper and
Under torso are connected)
Approx.175(L) × 60(D) × 26(H)cmApprox.14kg
Upper torsoApprox.95(L) × 60(D) × 25(H)cmApprox.13kg
Under torsoApprox.90(L) × 41(D) × 26(H)cmApprox.1.2kg
Soft caseApprox.100(L) × 60(D) × 37(H)cmApprox.2kg


Upper torso1
Under torso1
Remote controller1
Battery for remote controller1
Connect cable for remote controller1
Infrared receiver1
Connect cable for infrared receiver1
Battery charger1
Electric code for battery charger1
AC adopter1
Tube stopper for lung1
Syringe stopper for lung1
Soft case1


LM-073GBattery for remote controller1
LM-073HBattery for main body1

Sold Separately

LM0852Hard case with caster
DimensionsApprox.117(L) ×71(D) ×38(H)cm

Sold Separately

LM0851ECG monitor set for PC

This consists of software and peripherals that allow the electrocardiograms that are produced by the SaveMan Advance to be displayed on a PC monitor.
*Personal computer and monitor not included.
Operating Environment: Windows XP, USB 2.0
※ While stock lasts.