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Physical Assessment Trainer LM-084 (with storage case)

This product is not available in countries requiring CE mark.



Torso model for acquiring basic techniques for physical assessment
(Palpation/Percussion/Auscultation) By inflating simulation lungs,
normal and abnormal percussion can be practiced, and normal and
abnormal breathing sound can be auscultated. Auscultation of normal
and abnormal heart sound are also available.

Physical Assessment Trainer LM-084



  • 20 kinds of heart sounds(2-normal/18-abnormal) are audible through 4 built-in speakers.
  • 12 kinds of breathing sounds are reproduced through 3 built-in speakers.
  • This simulator is ideal not only for the training at medical school to improve physician's skill but at nursing college(school) for the training of physical assessment. Also suitable for first aid rescue training.
  • Accurate percussion skill is acquired with left and right simulation lungs. Normal and abnormal conditions can be reproduced.
  • High quality sound tone realize very realistic training.
  • Repeat training is available at several places such as at hospital, school, lecture room and home etc., since the simulation is very easy for operation and portable.

■ Heart sounds

  1. Normal (without splitting of S2)
  2. Normal (splitting of S2)
  3. Abnormal splitting of S2
  4. Hypertension increased intensity
    of S2 at apex
  5. S4 apex
  6. Innocent murmur
  7. Ejection sound aortic site
  8. Midsystolic click sound
  9. Midsystolic click murmur
  10. Tricuspid regurgitation
  11. Mitral stenosis
  12. Mitral regurgitation
  13. Aortic stenosis
  14. Aortic regurgitation
  15. Subaortic stenosis
  16. Atria septal defect
  17. Ventricular septal
  18. Pulmonic stenosis
  19. Pulmonic steno-regurgitation
  20. Patent ductus arteriosus

■ Breathing Sounds

  1. Normal vesicular sound
  2. Discontinuous sounds-fine crackles
  3. Discontinuous sounds-coarse
  4. Rhonchi
  5. Wheezes
  6. Mixed sounds
    (rhonchi and wheezes)
  7. Nervous dyspeneic respiration
  8. Dyspeneic respiration at rest
  9. Cardiac asthma
  10. Dyspeneic respiration in asthma
  11. Cheyne-stokes respiration
  12. Biot’s respiration



Main body1
Model base1
Bolt for fixing model base1
Pump for inflating simulation lungs1

Sound source
Heart and breathing sound source1
Cord for connecting model and heart / breathing sound source1
Power supply code for heart / breathing sound source1

Hexagonal wrench (8mm)1
Syringe (20ml)1
Hard case1


Chest Torso Model
(Chest skeleton, Simulation lungs, Built-in speaker 4 places at cardiac auscultation, Built-in speaker 3places at breathing sound auscultation)

Torso main bodyApprox.21(L) × 38(W) × 54(H)cmApprox.7kg
Torso model baseApprox.30(L) × 30(W) × 1.5(H)cmApprox.2kg
Sound sourceApprox.19(L) × 32(W) × 9(H)cmApprox.3.3kg