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Central Venous Puncture Trainer LM-090 (with storage bag)


Designed for practicing ultrasound guided central venous (CV) puncture as well as landmark puncture.

Central Venous Puncture Trainer LM-090



  • Enables learners to identify the puncture site by recognizing the important landmarks.
  • Simulated blood can be collected when a needle is inserted into the vein.
  • Enables learners perform CV puncture by putting negative pressure on the syringe.
  • Backflow air pressure indicates incorrect puncture of the lung.
  • Since silicone rubber is used for the puncture site, the skin is realistic in external appearance and touch.
  • Spare parts are available for various puncture sites.

* This trainer is designed for practicing exploratory puncture. Catheter and guide wire can't be applied.

* Recommed using a needle smaller than 20G.


Ultrasound guided central venous puncture

By utilizing an ultrasonography imaging system,
internal jugular venous puncture,subclavian
venous puncture,supraclavicular venous
puncture can be practiced.

Confirmation of the internal jugular venous access
(Ultrasound images of the internal jugular vein)

Pressure on the internal jugular vein by the ultrasound probe,
causes the vein to become oval and deformed.

Please note that the ultrasound imaging system works differently in the model than in the human body. Clear images are difficult to obtain in the ultrasound imaging system model.



Main body1
Internal jugular venous puncture1
Subclavian venous puncture1
Blood bag1
Simulated blood (Dark type)1
Accessory case1
Storage bag1


DimensionsApprox. 37(L) × 44(W) × 13(H) cm
WeightApprox. 1.4 kg


① LM-090B1Internal jugular venous puncture site for ultrasound1
② LM-090B2Subclavian venous puncture site for ultrasound1
③ LM-090BSPuncture site set for ultrasound1
④ LM-090ESimulated blood(Dark type) 500ml1