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Bronchoscopy Training Model LM-092 (with storage case)


This product can be used for insertion training of ultrafine bronchoscopy as well as existing bronchoscopy.

Bronchoscopy Training Model LM-092



  • Special fabrication methods allow recreation of ultrafine bronchoscopy that could not be done before. Most methods duplicate distal bronchus (e.g. B¹aiα). Ultrafine bronchoscopy enables insertion all the way through the distal bronchus.
  • The material is specialized silicone rubber. The sense of bronchoscopy insertion allows a feeling like human-like texture due to elasticity. In addition, the internal bronchial tube is a human-like color.
  • The bronchi main body and the bronchi-support stand can be easily removed from the black case.
  • 3D distal bronchus is attachable and washable after insert training.

Bronchus main unit

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Bronchoscopy Training Model LM-092



Bronchi main body1
Storage case1


Bronchi main bodyApprox.25(L) x 24(W) x 16(H)cm
Storage caseApprox.30(L) x 32(W) x 27(H)cm
( including bronchus main body)