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Transparent Laryngopharynx Model LM-104


This is a transparent model that reproduces the laryngopharynx three-dimensionally, from the oropharynx to the hypopharynx. It is useful in explanations to help people understand the complex structure of the laryngopharynx, and can be used as a model when training personnel involved in swallowing therapy or when giving explanation to patients or their families.

Transparent Laryngopharynx Model LM-104

Splits in two on midline / Instroduce fluid to see flow of food and amounts of fluid retained / Understand complex structures through touch



  • The model can be split on the midline.
  • The epiglottis, pyriform sinus, and glottis are faithfully reproduced, and the depth of the pyriform sinus and laryngeal vestibule can be understood.
  • The complex 3-dimensional structure of the laryngopharynx can be intuitively grasped through visualization. The flow of food from the outside can also be seen.(Actual liquids can be used.)
  • The importance of food preparation and eating posture can be taught with an understanding of the 3-dimensional structure of the laryngopharynx. The difficulty of coughing up food that has been accidentally ingested can also be understood.
  • When teaching videoendoscopic examination of swallowing, the location that is being viewed can be understood by visually comparing endoscopic images and the model.
  • The state of occlusion in the esophagus can be expressed with a line to help create a mental image.

Brochure: Transparent Laryngopharynx Model


DimensionsApprox. 9(L) × 11(W) × 13(H) cm
WeightApprox. 1.1kg