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Infant Model for Nursing Practice LM-052


This is a model of an average infant female model of approximately 6 - 9months
(Approx. 8,000g), to be used for various kinds of practice in infant nursing.

Infant Model for Nursing Practice LM-052



The skin is made of a unique silicone rubber that closely resembles that of real skin and creates a seamless structure over the whole body, and is waterproof. Techniques for handling an actual human infant can be taught using this model.


Practical Training

  • Holding
  • Changing clothes and diapers
  • Exercise of baby, shifting sleeping position
  • Feeding baby food
  • Breastfeeding, patting the back to burp a baby
  • Bathing and washing hair
  • Measuring (height, weight, circumference of the head, size and position of the fonticulus anterior, etc.)
  • Overall observation of the body (appearance, confirmation of position): Visual observation (intra-oral examination), auscultation, tapping examination and palpation
  • Rectal temperature (apparent), Measuring blood pressure (supporting the arms in front and medical examination)
  • Insertion of feeding catheter
  • Suction of the nasal and oral cavities
  • Securing the body position for blood collection, spinal or lumber puncture

Examples of Training

  • Holding
  • Washing hair
  • Exercise of baby
  • Breech bathing
  • Breaset feeding (*Actual feeding can not be practiced)
  • Securing body position at blood collection, spinal or lumber puncture.


Main body1
Baby underwear1


HeightApprox.66 cm
Head circumferenceApprox.44 cm
WeightApprox.8,000 g
Material Silicone rubber