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Neonatal Vital Signs Simulator Ⅱ LM-098 (with storage bag)

This product is not available in countries requiring CE mark.



With this simulator, infant vital signs can be measured and the entire body can be monitored. A crying-sound function reproduces the clinical setting more realistically, while heart and breathing sounds can be checked, creating hands-on training of measurement and monitoring close to those of the actual clinical environment.

Neonatal Vital Signs Simulator Ⅱ LM-098



Control box

Heart and respiratory rates

  • The heart rate and respiratory rate are displayed digitally over a normal range, and the infants status can easily be set by turning a rotary dial.

Heart sounds and breathing sounds

  • An external speaker provided on the control box make these sounds audible to persons in the nearby environment.
  • The sounds can be set independently, so the balance can be adjusted to match the status settings.
  • Highly realistic sounds are produced with clear sound quality.

Crying-sound function

  • Four different crying patterns can be reproduced.
  • Four buttons are provided to enable direct operation.

Neonatal simulator

Full-body monitoring

  • Silicone rubber is used to produce an extremely realistic texture.
  • Monitoring of the head area (palpation of skull molding) includes locating the anterior fontanel, posterior fontanel, sagittal suture, and coronal suture.
  • A rectal thermometer can be inserted.


  • Vital sign measurement includes auscultation of heart and breathing sounds.

Visual inspection

  • Thoracoabdominal breathing synchronized to the set respiration rate can be observed visually.

Crying-sound function

  • The sound of crying can be heard coming from the mouth.

Practical Training

Visual inspection
Thoracoabdominal breathing
(thoracoabdominal movement)

Heart sounds (100 to 180 beats/minute)
Breath sounds (30 to 80 breaths/minute)

Full-body monitoring
Location of the anterior fontanel, posterior fontanel,
sagittal sutures and coronal sutures.

Insertion of a thermometer into the rectum



Neonatal Simulator
(with connecting cord)
Control box1
AC adaptor
(with DC cord)
AC cord1
Storage bag1


Neonatal model

Head circumferenceApprox.34cm

Control box

DimensionsApprox.16(L) × 22(W) × 11(H) cm
Power supply100V - 240V AC