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Obstetric Assistant Model Set (Obsteric Model - Vulva Ⅱ) LM-101B (with storage case)

Midwifery Practice Model Set LM-063A



  • The obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ is made with a highly elastic and durable material
    that decreases resistance and reduces the amount of force needed to extract
    the fetus during delivery, enableing smooth practice. (Use glycerin to lubricate.)
  • Protection of the perineum can be practiced.
  • Breech extraction can also be practiced as one type of emegency response.
  • The umbilical cord is soft and slides away from scissors when being cut, so that
    each one can be used multiple times to practice tying and cutting.
  • The fetal model and placenta model can be attached to practice the entire
    sequence of steps from delivering the fetus to tying the umbilical cord, cutting
    the umbilical cord, and delivering the placenta.
  • The placental membrane laceration part can be detached into three parts for
    inspection of the placenta and checking whether of not the membrane is intact.


Main body1
Obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ (primipara type)1
Fetal model1
Placenta model1
Umbilical cord (for tying and cutting)3
Umbilical cord connector1