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Optional parts for obstetric models Umbilical Cord Kit LM-101D, LM-101E


Can be attached to the fetal model and placenta model to practice the entire sequence of steps from delivering the fetus to tying and cutting the umbilical cord and delivering the placenta.

Umbilical Cord Kit LM-101D, LM-101E



  • A single umbilical cord can be used multiple times to practice tying and cutting.
  • The umbilical cord has a tear-resistant texture that slides away from scissors when being cut. (There are no arteries or veins in the umbilical cord.)
  • The new material used is soft and tear-resistant, and enables trainees to practice tying an umbilical cord with an umbilical cord clamp.


Umbilical cord (Approx. 12cm)1
Umbilical cord connector (Approx. 4cm)1


LM-101EUmbilical cord fo replacement (10pcs)1