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Vaginal Examination Model-Culva II LM-101F Optional parts for vaginal examination


This model is made with a new material that stretches well and is tear-resistant,
for more durability than the previous model and better simulation of the texture of
human skin.

Vaginal Examination Model-Culva II LM-101F



  • Bishop scores from the late stage of pregnancy to the onset of labor (cervical
    dilation, effacement, consistency and positon) can be confirmed.
  • Made with a material that is more tear-resistant than the previous model,
    increasing its durability.*
  • The mucous membrane of the vaginal cavity is made with a new material that
    simulates the texture of the human vaginal cavity.*
  • The vaginal walls give a sensation of clinging to the fingers.*
  • The excess constriction on the fingers felt when using the previous model has
    been reduced to enable practice with a feeling that closer simulates that of the
    human body.*
  • Gives a more realistic feel of the ischial spines and pubic symphysis during
    vaginal examination. (When used on the main body.)*
  • Three models with varying degrees of uterine opening dilation are provided,
    along with a model of the fetal head. These can be interchanged and the
    degree of engagement can be adjusted, making it possible to gauge the
    progression of labor by means of vaginal examination.
  • The fetal head model can be used to gauge rotation of the fetal head by varying
    positons of the sagittal sutures and posterior fontanel.
  • The vulva has a urethral orifice for inserting a urinary catheter.

*are comparisons with previous Koken models.




Vaginal examination model-vulva II 1
Fixing screws 2
Uterus dilation model seals 1



Vaginal examination model-vulva II

Dimensions Approx. 19(L) × 17(W) × 15(H) cm
Weight Approx. 2kg

Sold Separately

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