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Optional parts for obstetric models Obstetric Model-Vulva II LM-101P Primipara type, LM-101M Multipara type, LM-101S Primipara & Multipara types

Primipara type Multipara type



  • It is softer and more elastic than the previous
    model, enabling even more realistic delivery.
  • It is made with a material that is more
    tear-resistant than the previous
    model, increasing its durability during delivery.
  • It has less resistance during delivery than the
    previous model, so that the fetus can be
    pushed with less force, enabling smoother
    and more realistic practice. (Use glycerin to lubricate.)

The vulva stretches well when the fetal head comes out.

The fetal head can be felt with the hand when protecting the perineum.



Dimensions Approx. 17(L) × 17(W) × 8(H) cm
Weight Approx. 600g