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Obstetric Assistant Model Set type Ⅱ, Hiroko LM-114


Obstetric assistance during normal delivery, including the side-lying and hands-and-knees positions, can be practiced.
This set allows trainees to practice a series of obstetric assistance techniques, such as protecting the perineum and inspecting the fetus and placenta.

Obstetric Assistant Model Set type Ⅱ, Hiroko LM-114



  • This set supports practice for obstetric assistance for normal delivery, including free-style delivery (the side-lying and hands-and-knees positions).
  • The presence of legs makes it possible to the practice by reproducing a near-clinical setting. (The feet can be detached.)
  • The fetal model can reproduce the third rotation. This also makes it possible to practice assistance techniques during vacuum extraction and forceps delivery.
  • The placenta model's umbilical cord can be manipulated with Kocher forceps and an umbilical clip. It is also possible to reproduce the nuchal cord.
  • The vulva of the previous models (Vaginal Examination Model-Vulva Ⅱ LM-101F, Obstetric Model-Vulva Ⅱ Primipara Type/Multipara Type LM-101P/LM-101M and Perineal Suture Model - Vulva LM-0635) can be used with this set.

Type of Practice

Techniques that can be practiced


Free-style delivery

The model can reproduce not only the supine position but also hands-and-knees and side-lying positions.
Obstetric assistance can be practiced in each body position by rotating the fetal model according to its position.



Main bodyApprox. 116(L) x 50(W) x 28(H)cmApprox. 6 kg
Obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ (primipara type)Approx. 17(L) x 17(W) x8(H)cmApprox. 600 g
Fetal modelHeight Approx. 40 cm
Head circumference Approx. 32 cm
Approx. 2,200 g
Placenta modelDiameter Approx. 19 cm
Height Approx. 10 cm
Approx. 600 g
Replacement Umbilical cord for Placenta modelDiameter Approx. 1.4 cm
Umbilical cord length Approx. 65 cm
Approx. 80 g
Free-style base for fixing in place the main bodyApprox. 31(L) x 44(W) x39(H)cmApprox. 800 g


Main body 1
Obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ (primipara type) 1
Fetal model1
Placenta model1
Replacement Umbilical cord for Placenta model 1
Binding band 2
Glycerin 1
Free-style base for fixing in place the main body 1
Cloth cover for main body 1


* The multipara type is softer and more elastic than the primipara type.

①Main bodyLM-114C
②Obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ (primipara type)LM-101P
③Obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ (multipara type*)LM-101M
Obstetric model - vulva Ⅱ set (primipara and multipara type*)LM-101S
④Fetal modelLM-114A
⑤Placenta modelLM-114B
⑥Replacement Umbilical cord for Placenta modelLM-114D


Vaginal Examination Model-Vulva Ⅱ LM-101F / Uterus Dilation Model set (4 types) LM-101G

Perineal Suture Model – Vulva (with left and right laceration model) LM-0635 / Perineal Suture Model (left and right laceration model) LM-0636