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Ear Cuff for Impedance Audiometer [non-sterile]


  1. When inflated to completely fill the outer ear canal, this device allows for accurate measurement of impedance.
  2. “Long” is the appropriate size for Grayson Types, and “Regular” is for Madison and Ochikon Types.

Ear Cuff for Impedance Audiometer Photo

Product No. Product Name Size (mm) Packing
D×L D'
#3001 Regular Size 5.5×10 3 1pc/box
#3002 Regular Size 7.5×10 3 1pc/box
#3003 Regular Size 9.5×10 3 1pc/box
#3004 Regular Size 11.5×10 3 1pc/box
#3501 Long Size 5.5×17 3∼4 1pc/box
#3502 Long Size 7.5×17 3∼4 1pc/box
#3503 Long Size 9.5×17 3∼4 1pc/box
#3504 Long Size 11.5×17 3∼4 1pc/box

How to use fig.

Ear Cuff for Impedance Audiometer Size fig. Balloon,Roll Valve,Air Release,Pinch Pump


Precautions for use

  • When the roll valve is operated with wet hands to deflate the balloon, the roll valve may not return to normal, and the balloon may not expand. Do not operate with wet hands.

The product here prohibits the following acts.

  • Refrain from applying iodine antiseptics
  • Refrain from exposing Ultraviolet Ray for long time