1. Can remove blood or extraneous matter from the surface of lens immediately without interrupting the operation.
  2. Unique structure with both water supply channel and suction channel.
  3. Strong washing power provided by high speed water flow from the water supply channel to the suction channel.
  4. The water supply operates through the force of gravity, so an expensive pump is not necessary.
  5. Disposable straw can be cut according to the length or shape of the endoscope.
  6. The disposable straw is extremely thin at the sheath and does not prevent operation of the endoscope.

K-endosheath Photo

Product Name Product No. Contents Endoscope
Type A
#3081 Main body 1pc
Disposable straw
Type A 20pcs
Type B
#3082 Main body 1pc
Disposable straw
Type B 20pcs
Type C
#3083 Main body 1pc
Disposable straw
Type C 20pcs

Disposable straw Photo
Disposable straw



K-endosheath Structure fig.


Precaution for Use

There are three types of disposable straw according to the shape of endoscope. Select the proper straw.

K-endosheath Type A[WOLF]:white,Type B[STOROZ,Nagashima]:Pink,Type c[OLYMPUS]:Blue

  • For exclusive use with 4mm outer diameter endoscope.
  • Cannot be applied to endoscope with a projection inside of optical tube.
  • Since the water supply operates through the force of gravity, the washing water bag should be hung 1 m higher than the main body of therapeutic procedure K-Endosheath.

Precaution for Use fig. Projection

Precaution for Use fig. Washing water,Adjustring knob for Infusion set,Water supply tube,Main body,Suctiontube,Connection point of suction unit


Other equipment to be prepared:

  • Washing water (water for injection)
  • Water supply tube (infusion set) – One side is spike needle and the other side is conical fitting.
  • Suction tube - One side is conical fitting and the other side should be connected to the suction pump.
  • Suction unit (Suction pump)
  • Stand
  • Sterilizer, etc.

How K-Endosheath is effective

  1. Appearance
  2. Adhesion of stain
  3. Washing by running water
  4. Completion of washing