TD Plunger [non-sterile]


  1. The TD Plunger is specially designed for the systemic insertion of Tympanic Drain Type C (#1554).
  2. Its design is based on ingenious human engineering and provides stable operation.
  3. Since the treatment can be performed quickly, it is particularly suitable for pediatrics.

TD Plunger Photo

Product No. Packing
#1500 1set

*made to order

Diamond Knife-tip appears as stopper is pushed forth.Loosen nut to adjust barrel direction.Ball-joint to rotate plunger in any direction.Stopper,Triger


Operating the TD Plunger : Slide the stopper forward until the Diamond knife-tip appears.
Push the Diamond tip forward into the drain holder.
The Diamond knife-tip is inserted into the Tympanic Drain.
Insert the knife and the Drain into the Tympanic membrane.
When the trigger is pulled, the Tympanic Drain will enter the membrane and the Diamond knife-tip will pull itself into the plunger pipe.