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Silicone Pierce [sterile]


  1. This silicone product is suitable for retaining the hole for a pierced earring in treating metal allergy, etc.
  2. It is transparent and colorless so that it will be inconspicuous during use.
  3. It can be inserted easily.

Silicone Pierce Photo

Product No. Packing
#2000 2pcs/set,10sets/box

*Pierce hole is not created in this procedure.


Insertion procedure

  1. Insert the metal part of Silicone Pierce into the hole made for a pierced earring from the anterior side of the earlobe.
  2. Put a silicone ball on the metal part protruding from the posterior side of the earlobe. Hold the earlobe between the anterior and posterior balls.
  3. Cut off the excess part of the Silicone Pierce rod protruding from the posterior side of the earlobe.

The product here prohibits the following acts.

  • Do not reuse
  • Refrain from applying iodine antiseptics
  • Refrain from exposing Ultraviolet Ray for long time