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Tampon Prosthesis Roll Type [sterile]


  1. This product is suitable for the following applications:
    Fixation in implanting a cartilage framework to treat microtia
    Fixation in implanting bone or cartilage into the external nose
    Fixation of external nose supporting tissue after osteotomy
    Fixation of external nose displaced bone after the first and second surgeries for cleft lip
  2. This product is effective for transiently attaching supporting tissue to skin for a short time after operation. It can be used safely without the need to worry about complications.

Tampon Prosthesis Roll Type Photo

Product No. Size D × L Packing
#3511 5 × 100 5pcs/box
#3512 7 × 100 5pcs/box

Tampon Prosthesis Roll Type fig.:D,L


The product here prohibits the following acts.

  • Do not reuse
  • Refrain from applying iodine antiseptics
  • Refrain from exposing Ultraviolet Ray for long time