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Educational Medical Models

Q. What is the main material used in the educational medical models? What are the features of the material?

A. The educational medical models are made mainly of silicone rubber. The use of silicone rubber makes the model feel and appear as if it were part of a living body. As it is superior in terms of both heat and cold resistance, this material can provide the same feel and functions regardless of the ambient temperature and the climate of the region where it is used.


Q. Tell me about how the educational medical models should be cared for?

A. To wipe the dirt from the surface of the model, use a piece of cloth such as gauze soaked with diluted neutral detergent.
If the above method does not work, use gauze, etc. soaked with ethanol for disinfection. Apply commercially available baby powder to the surface after it dries.

  • *Do not use any chemicals such as thinner and benzine.
  • *Do not apply oil-based ink to the surface, because it may be difficult to remove.

Q. Can I see the educational medical models before buying them?

A. Contact us if you live in Japan. We also keep some models that can provided on a loan basis.


Q. How can I buy the educational medical models?

A. Contact one of our agents (a medical device supplier) close to your location.If there is no agent in the vicinity of your institution, feel free to contact us.