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Policy for Protection of Personal Information

KOKEN CO., LTD. ("KOKEN") acknowledges the significance of your personal information (which refers to information about a living individual with which a specific individual is identifiable or a personal identification code).
To appropriately collect, use and protect such information, KOKEN will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related guidelines (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Legislation") and establish this Privacy Policy in a commitment to handling personal information, including that which is obtained on KOKEN's website, as follows.

Collection of Personal Information

KOKEN will deal with information specified below collected in fair and lawful manners.

Use of Personal Information

KOKEN will use personal information it owns for the purposes specified in the items below (hereinafter referred to as "the Purposes of Use").
KOKEN will not use sensitive personal information, such as race, faith, social status, medical records, criminal records or records of being a victim of a crime, except where it is indispensable to fulfillment of the Purposes of Use.

  1. Sales or maintenance of any product that KOKEN deals in or manufacturing of any custom-made product(Information is used for delivery of products, design of custom-made products, size adjustment and equivalents.)
  2. Inquiries from KOKEN to you in association with the matters stated in the preceding item
  3. Purposes incidental to the matters stated in the preceding items
  4. Information on products that KOKEN deals in

Restrictions on Disclosure to Third Parties

KOKEN will not disclose personal information to any third party unless you submit a notice to the Personal Information Protection Commission, except in cases that fall under any of the items below.
In the case of outsourcing the processing of personal information to any outside entity, KOKEN will choose an appropriate contractor, execute an agreement on the protection of personal information with it and carry out proper supervision against it.

  1. The individual identified by personal information (hereinafter "the Individual") has granted their consent to disclosure.
  2. The disclosure is required by laws or regulations.
  3. The disclosure is necessary to protection of human life or health or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Individual.
  4. The disclosure is particularly necessary for public health purposes or for the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Individual.
  5. There is a need to cooperate with a central government organization or a local government, or an agent acting on their behalf, performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and there is a possibility that obtaining consent from the Individual could interfere with the performance of the said affairs.
  6. Information is disclosed in form of statistical data from which no individual can be identified (to third parties for surveys and analysis on trends in use of websites and those aimed at improving servies offered). Anonymously processed information (referring to information prepared by processing personal information into form from which no specific individual can be identified) is disclosed.
  7. Handling of personal information is outsourced to a third party to the extent necessary to fulfillment of the Purposes of Use.

Use of Cookies

KOKEN's website may use cookies.
A cookie is tiny text data sent to your browser when you visit a website.
The cookie is returned to the website that has sent it when you visit the same website.
KOKEN's websie reads cookies stored on the devices of users connecting to the website in order to efficiently offer services to those who frequently visit it.
This is the main purpose of using cookies.
It is possible that third parties may acquire and use your cookie and other data.
Please note that users cannot be identified from cookies.
Cookies are used for identifying devices of users who connect to websites by device, operating system, browser, IP address and others in order to learn what pages on the website are viewed.

Use of Cookies by Google Analytics

KOKEN uses the Google Analytics service offered by Google LLC to analyze connections to its website.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect anonymous traffic data. For privacy and data sharing on Google Analytics, refer to information provided by Google LLC.

For Denying Cookies

You can configure your browser to block all or parts of cookies.
You can also delete cookies and other data received in the past.
Most of the services on KOKEN's website are available without accepting cookies.
However, please note that blocking cookies may possibly result in inappropriate functions and other restraints on the user experience, considerable deterioration in response speed and the unavailability of some services.

Actions for Protection of Personal Information

Organizational Protective Actions

KOKEN will prepare rules on the operation and management of personal information and require that all employees, including temporary staff, follow them. KOKEN will appoint a personal information management representative to implement proper management.
In the case of disclosing personal information to any third party, KOKEN will execute a non-disclosure agreement with the party and take other appropriate actions.

Technological Protective Actions

KOKEN will take reasonable actions for preventing leakage, falsification and unauthorized viewing of personal information, such as restrictions on access rights and installation of firewalls.

Check and Correction on Personal Information

Upon request from the Individual for checking their personal information and the Purposes of Use thereof or for correction or other purposes, KOKEN will endeavor to carry out quick processing and take proper actions in accordance with laws and regulations as soon as the requesting party is confirmed to be the Individual.
KOKEN has prepared procedures for checking and correcting personal information in order to strictly ensure the protection of personal information.

For details, please contact us from our Contact page.

Scope of Responsibility

KOKEN pays the utmost attention to the handling of personal information.
For instance, it uses the industry's standard secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology.
However, under current circumstances, it is technically impossible to completely guarantee the safety of information transmitted at the risk of the Individual and of information received through its online services.
In addition, KOKEN's website may include links to third parties' websites.
These websites are outside the the scope of KOKEN's control and are not subject to this Privacy Policy.
Prior to viewing any such website, refer to its privacy policy.

Consent to Privacy Policy

You are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy when you use KOKEN's website.
If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use KOKEN's website.

Revision and Alteration to Personal Information Protection Policy

This Privacy Policy may be subject to revision or alteration without prior notice according to amendment to the Legistlation, changes in social circumstances, technological innovation and other factors.

* Established on June 1, 2021

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